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Usually, the files of your website exist both on the server and on a local computer, but the database exists on the server only because it's contents are permanently updated. This script automatically creates daily, weekly or monthly backups of your MySQL database and protects it from hackers and server crashes.

Never take chances when your website is on the line. Make regular backups or pay the price later!
Easy to install: just setup and copy
Start in less than 5 minutes
The script itself requires no database
Database backup restore script
Manual or automatic backups
Administration page
No programming skills required
Works with big databases
Daily, weekly or monthly backups
Backup locally, by email or by FTP
Can be used along with any other scripts
Complete source code
Set it and forget it
Fully automated. No headaches

A very simple but handy utility. Thanks! - Mark T.

Would just like to say thanks for all the help (at all hours of the day). Knew nothing about database backups but now I do due to the simple and easy instructions. Well worth the money. - Johny B.

MySQL Backup Script is one of those hidden web gems. It's so simple to setup you'll amaze yourself! It just works! It is feature rich and customizable. - Brayden S.

Hats off to the team for creating this great tool! We've used it for a few of our projects and it's a simple yet very effective way to create regular database backups - Bob