My SQL Backup Scripts

My SQL is one of the most popular relational Database Management Systems, and almost every hosting company offers it in their hosting plans. Unfortunately sometimes you may encounter a problem with your hosting providers, which may result in data loss. Losing your data is not good idea that's why we will review a couple of excellent MySQL backup scripts and software, which you can use to regularly backup your database, as part of your disaster mitigation strategy.


AutoMySQLBackup is an open-source MySQL backup software, which is very popular, and you can download it here. AutoMySQLBackup can create scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly backups multiple MySQL databases. The software offers email notification once backups have been completed, compression and encryption of your backups for enhanced security, backup rotation, and incremental database backups.

Backup MySQL databases from cPanel

The most popular hosting control panel is cPanel, and luckily for MySQL users cPanel allows for MySQL database backup, with just a few clicks. The process is very straightforward, that's why we won't go into any details here.

Baclup MySQL database with phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a web admin interface used to manage MySQL databases. Using phpMyAdmin you can run SQL queries, to modify data, and select information from a database, however you can also export your database to a file in different file formats. phpMyAdmin MySQL database export wizard is very easy to use, and I highly recommend it.

There are many more MySQL database backup scripts and software applications, but the ones we have reviewed won't cost you a penny, and will get the job done just fine.